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Wild and Scenic move a win-win

September 10, 2019

Dear editor,

We strongly urge the Grant County Commission to vote in favor of a resolution to designate portions of the Gila and Frisco rivers on public lands as Wild and Scenic. We have spent much time in these very special places, as have so many other Grant County residents and visitors. The beauty and importance of these places to our health and well-being, including replenishing our underground water supply and supporting agriculture, wildlife, and tourism, cannot be overstated. It’s a win-win for everyone. Existing water rights and interstate compacts, irrigation systems and livestock grazing and infrastructure will not be affected. Wild and Scenic designation will only occur on public lands — lands that all of us own. Private landowners will not be affected. Their diversion construction plans can continue. Let’s show our kids that we care about their future by joining the growing number of business owners, religious leaders, tribes, hunters, nonprofits and governments in support of this critical resolution!

(s)Kim McCreery, Silver City

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Silver City Daily Press.